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T&S Consulting

We are a People & Change Consultancy dedicated to integrating individual authenticity into work.


I've spent nearly a decade mastering the art of solving problems, making strategic plans and communicating effectively. My mission? To make any change as smooth as butter.


MSc Organizational & Business Psychology

BA(Hons) Business Management & Leadership

Certificate & Diploma in Management Consulting

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Consulting Services

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Crafting memorable corporate get-togethers with the perfect blend of ambiance, melody and strategic organization, propelling a change in work culture and swift decision-making.

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Culture Strategy

AS-IS evaluation of your culture and co-creation of TO-BE culture. This process involves engaging employees at all levels, fostering open communication, and encouraging a shared vision.

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Delivering enduring change through methodologies by focusing on understanding the human side of change. This equips leaders with the tools to navigate complex transitions successfully.

Change Management


What is the advantage of hiring a consultant instead of doing it in-house?

TSC can offer an external perspective, open feedback, and industry experience, avoiding internal politics and hierarchy. TS Consulting can then prioritise driving change without distractions, by focusing on a single client.

What kind of deliverables are to be expected?

We offer tailored deliverables for each project, like a culture map that defines your organisation and offers practical strategies to mould the desired culture. For change management, we can supply communication, training, or change materials as needed.

How long will the project take and how long until results can be measured?

A change or culture assessment may extend to 6 weeks, with meetings planned from day one. The introduction of an initiative might indicate cultural changes. A team launch event and spot survey could unveil shifts in employee perceptions of the company.

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Thought Leadership

Introduction to culture & leadership

Delving into theoretical concepts of culture and impact on leadership approach

identity, Belonging & motivation

Analysing to what extent identity and belonging can impact motivation in hybrid workers

Psychology of virtual working and innovation

Exploring the theory of identity, belonging & motivation

Creativity, Innovation and culture

Understanding how to build a culture that can foster innovation and creativity

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